90 year-old defies age for vets victory

The Cowra Golf Club Veteran's, being players who have reached 55 years of age, were favoured with a beautiful sunny day and a Golf Course in great condition for the 9 Hole Stableford competition on Thursday, May 14.

Noel Riley was a clear winner of last Thursday's veterans golf stableford.

Noel Riley was a clear winner of last Thursday's veterans golf stableford.

A field of 37 players who played the Holes 1 to 9, included 26 who went on to play an extra 9 holes to compete in the Golf Professional sponsored 18 Hole competition.

A special accolade is due to Noel Riley who was the clear winner on day.

It is no secret that Noel Riley has celebrated his 90th birthday, and continues to play some great golf.

Congratulations Noel.

Just 2 points in arrears were, Phil Millard, John Van Huizen, and Barbara Proctor, being one the two ladies, who joined the field.

The 14 Prize winners are listed with Stableford Points score, and the handicap they played off in brackets

20 Noel RILEY (21).

18 Phil MILLARD (23).

18 John VAN HUIZEN (10).

18 Barbara PROCTOR (36).

17 Ron NEWHAM (21).

17 Bruce AMOS (24).

17 David SPOLDING (15).

17 Alan LUFF (22).

17 John HOLMES (11).

17 Harold BRYANT (12).

17 Dave THOMAS (10).

16 Kerry LYNCH (2).

16 Alfonsi MELISSI (11).

16 Robert MORGAN (16).

The prize winners will have their 18 Hole Veterans Handicap reduced by 3, the other players will have their handicap increased by 1.


The Cowra Golf Club's Golf Professional, Tom PERFECT's, 18 Hole Stableford Competition, open to all ages and run concurrently with the Veterans event, with all players on their official GOLFLINK handicaps. There were 26 Starters in the 18 Hole event.

The 3 top Prize winners were:

1, Kerry LYNCH 39 (Points).

2, Ken HARCOMBE 38.

3, John VAN HUIZEN 38.

These players are also in the Ball Sweep with the Runner Ups, Simon MACKINNEY 37, Colin RIDDING 36, Ron NEWHAM 36, Noel RILEY 36, David SPOLDING 35.

Matchplay finalists decided

In Cowra Golf Club news the finalists for this year's Matchplay championships were decided on Sunday.

In C grade, Col Ridding defeated C grade club champion Warwick Spence 2/1.

The lead changed on multiple occasions before Ridding got the win.

In the other semi final Adam Roe survived a spirited fightback from Ticky Lee who two down most of the afternoon and then three down with four to go but fought back to take it to the 19th where a bogey was good enough for Rowe to get home.

In B grade Dave Thomas will take on Jim Bryant in the final after a win over Mick Skinner in the semi. Bryant defeated Geoff Wright in his semi.

A grade saw a red hot Mark Dixon get home 6/5 over defending champion Peter Kerwin. Keter was only 2 over on the 13th so wasn't exactly playing poorly but he met a red hot Dixon.

In the other semi final Pat Edenborough beat major sponsor Leigh Browne 4/3.