Burns and Nicholls to play off in Club Handicap Singles final

Marlene Nicholls.

Marlene Nicholls.

The semi-final of the Club Handicap Singles was played on Thursday, February 6 with Leila Burns def. Beverley Bundy and Marlene Nicholls def. Anne Castelli.

The final will be played between Marlene and Leila on February 18.

The CWD Singles would have been played in Forbes this week.

The CWD Open and Senior Pairs will be played in Parkes on February 24.

Social bowls played February 6: H Withers and D Presnell def. H Winwoodsmith and J Day. R Oliver, K Oliver and Jo Davies def. J McAlister, E Bryant and N Brown.

There was no bowls played on 11th due to the inclement weather.

Anyone who would like to play bowls on Sunday mornings, ring in between 9am and 9.30am on Sunday morning 6341 3219 to give your name, and play commences at 10am.

Beginners are more than welcome.

Also Sharen Hubber is conducting rollups for beginner on Sunday mornings at 10am.

Please phone Sharen on 0478 664 539 to enquire.

All the best to those on the sick list.