Cowra's Bring Healthy Back Challenge is back

Cowra's Bring Healthy Back Challenge (CBHB) has kicked off for another year, with plenty of locals getting on board for the eight week event.

The challenge started on Monday, October 7 with a number of activities at River Park, including Zumba and relays.

Local Zumba instructor Danielle Waters and personal trainer, Ryan Downing, were both on hand to lead the participants through the activities.

Ms Waters said she decided to become involved in the challenge after the huge amount of support she received when she started teaching Zumba around town.

"For me, I like to put back into the community," she said.

"With running different types of Zumba around town and people supporting me, I like to give back to Cowra and offer people who don't have a chance or who aren't overly motivated to get motivated and see what's on offer in town."

Ms Waters said she will be offering a number of free Zumba sessions during the challenge and said the popular, dance-based exercise suits all ages and fitness types.

"I'm trained in all their specialties... doing everything from normal, typical Zumba to HIIT sessions to aqua classes to step to children's to low impact and low mobility seated Zumba," she said.

"I will be offering all of those and there will be some free sessions available on the timetable as well for people to try.

"They all, in their own right, are quite full on but it's also fun fitness.

"They're still moving and getting maximum workout and smiling at the same time, I like to see people smile and feel good about themselves."

Mr Downing said he wanted to get behind CBHB organiser Nikki Kiss' efforts.

"Nikki's organising it all by herself and I just like to get behind community participation and... try to do what I could on a day like this to begin things for the challenge and try and get as many people involved," he said.

Mr Downing said the focus of the challenge was to develop healthy habits and lifestyle changes.

"Normally an eight week time period is long enough to build a habit, a couple of weeks isn't going to be much of a chance," he said.

"Giving yourself a little bit longer, picking at the very start some goals you want to try and achieve, gives you the eight weeks to get there and it's very achievable, in the long term sense as well."

Mr Downing is offering a 50 per cent discount on membership for registered participants, with a prize of three months membership for one lucky participant.

For full details on the challenge, including a timetable of events, visit Cowra Bring Healthy Back on Facebook.