Breach brings prison sentence

A 36-year-old Darbys Falls man has been given a 12-month prison term with a non-parole period of three months at Cowra Local Court.

Christopher Lee Symons of Glen Avon Road was before the court charged with escaping police custody and two counts of contravening an AVO.

According to police facts, in April, orders were made varying an AVO involving Symons' victim, extending the order to April 2021.

Around 9pm on May 16, police were informed by a witness that Symons was at the victim's residence. Police arrived and found Symons in the victim's kitchen. He then asked police for a warning.

Police arrested Symons. He was searched and during that search, managed to break free from police. He was detained again by police after running a short distance.

Around 11.10am on June 27, police were in Canowindra conducting compliance checks on AVOs.

They spoke to Symons' victim who informed them of a number of text messages they had received from Symons over the past two days.

Police spoke to Symons the next day who admitted to the messages and being in breach of the AVO.

Symons' solicitor Clive Hill told the court his client had come to the end of the road, saying "He's worked hard, played hard, drunk to much and now its caught up with him".

In sentencing Magistrate Michael O'Brien said the courts treated domestic violence matters very seriously.

"Nobody, certainly not me, wants to see you back here," he said.

"But you now have to think about the significant amount of time in prison you will spend.

"Everyday in there is a day you will never get back. There are better things you could be doing to enrich your life.

"But you must obey orders that are made against you and the only way for that to happen is for you to realise that the law applies to you and you live by it.

"Think through your actions, get on with your life and live a productive life. This is time you will never get back, life moves on," he said.