Mulyan Public School celebrates Community Helpers Day | Photos

Mulyan Public School students had the opportunity to meet local firefighters as a part of their Community Helpers Day on Tuesday.

Students in kindergarten and Year 1 were given a talk by Cowra firefighters about fire safety and what to do in an emergency. 

Firefighter Nicky Miller took the students through a number of life-saving skills, including Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll when an item of clothing is alight and Get Down Low, Go, Go, Go should they be inside a burning building. 

Nicky also stressed the importance of telling a parent, guardian or responsible adult if they see fire in the house, keeping low while escaping, alerting everyone in the household, knowing the best exit, whether it be a door or window and having a family evacuation plan ready to go in case of emergency. 

The students then put their new skills into practice but acting out Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll and Get Down Low, Go, Go, Go. 

The students were also had the opportunity to check out the fire engine after the presentation.