Shooters take their best shot at website

In October a story ran in a number of regional newspapers, including the Cowra Guardian, which created quite a reaction.

You could say a few pot shots were taken at us - the media, The Greens and NSW Police following publication of the story which revealed The Greens had launched a website called

The comments from gun owners, gun clubs, gun shops and more than a few unknown contributors was quite something, especially on each of the newspapers facebook pages.

It’s great to receive the comment, that’s what the facebook pages are designed for.

The website shows how many registered firearms and owners there are in each postcode.

It also showed the largest number of guns held by one registered owner, excluding collectors.

In the case of Cowra, the number is 77.

Some of those who commented suggested the story was of no interest to the public and the media had no place promoting the website’s existence.

The following comments were on a sister publication facebook page.

Said one reader: “Why is this even news? How many registered Greens are there? They are by far more dangerous…”

The Greens sourced the information for the website following a Freedom of Information but this didn’t stop some from targeting the police.

“How did the Greens get this so called confidential information. Some police officer in the registry should be charged - or at least sacked!”

Ummm, read the story before commenting.

And then there was this, regarding The Greens.

“For all those idiots saying oh but it's a "honeypot" or a "target" for criminals wake up to yourselves, the criminals wouldn't have a clue about them if it weren't for the likes of the moronic David Shoebridge and his toomanyguns site which is nothing more than a scaremongering tactic because he simply doesn't like firearms.”

There were a few sensible comments, but they were few and far between, the sentiment was really pretty much the same across the region.

Do we really need the number of guns revealed by the website? John Howard didn’t think so 20 years ago and hopefully the majority of Australians still share this view.