Schools count on more funding

New member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke says Government schools in Cowra will be able to improve education resources and support for students through needs-based funding for 2018.

Ms Cooke said next year’s funding is an increase on the 2017 allocation and the funding will be available to address the specific needs of schools.

There are winners and losers among the Cowra schools with Cowra High receiving $19,080 less in funding and Cowra Public School receiving $14,290 more in funding.

Gooloogong Public School is receiving just $12 in extra funding.

Holman Place and Holmwood School are both big funding winners with Holman Place receiving an extra $12,120 and Holmwood an extra $15,944.

Woodstock Public School will receive $1,536 less in funding.

All of the Cowra district schools have seen an increase in funding over three years.

The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) is the state’s system for distributing funding across schools.

It allocates funding to schools based on student need, taking into account factors such as disability, English language proficiency, socio-economic background and Aboriginal background.

“I’m so proud of our schools, and our teachers that continue to deliver amazing outcomes,” Ms Cooke said.

“This needs based funding allows for more inclusive learning outcomes.

“It’s an enormously satisfying initiative that all parties, from Government through to our educators, parents and kids see the benefits of daily.”

“The combination of funding increases and changes will enable schools to sharpen their focus even more on catering for the specific academic and wellbeing needs of their individual students,” she said.

“The feedback I have from our educators is that they are overwhelmingly pleased with the new funding model, and we expect to see more positive outcomes for our children as a direct result.”

“Education is one of the most important aspects of development in our young people across the board – our local schools really punch above their weight and continue to exceed in quality education.”

“Importantly, whilst the funding for schools will vary slightly from year to year as a result of those factors, we know that the Gonski reforms have delivered record school funding,” Ms Cooke said.