Nationals promise to increase police

Nationals candidate for Cootamundra has reiterated her promise that the number of frontline police in the electorate will increase if she is elected this Saturday, October 14.

 “My promise is unchanged. There will be more frontline police in our communities if I am elected as part of this Nationals & Liberal Government,” Ms Cooke said.

“No ifs, no buts – just a rock solid commitment to delivery.

“I understand, and the government understands, that policing in the country is very different to policing in central Sydney.

“That understanding will drive changes that include more frontline police, a new Regional Enforcement Squad that will proactively police known criminals and the maintenance of our police stations.

“The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party will say and do anything to get elected, including deliberately misleading the public about police numbers in the Cootamundra electorate.

“The Shooters are very good at trying to generate smoke without fire, and this is another example of them trying to cast cloud over important issues and shift attention away from their dogged pursuit of legalising military-style semi-automatic weapons.”