Meet this year's Showgirl entrants

Four local, young women will compete for the Cowra Showgirl crown this year, with the winner being announced at the Cowra Show Society Cocktail Party on Saturday night. 

Meet the girls and find out why they entered below: 

Patrice Sharp

Age: 19 

Occupation: Store Manager, Dominos Cowra

Study: Although I am currently not studying, I look forward to it in the coming years.

I have taken part in numerous management development courses for my current position. 

Hobbies/interests: Whilst not at work, I enjoy reading, photography, scrap-booking, gardening, hanging out with friends and family and trying new foods. 

Community involvement: Although most of my community involvement comes from my position at Dominos, I do volunteer at our local Driver Reviver.

I also recently have joined the local Kangaroo Flat RFS and helped out at events across the community. 

Additional achievements: Last year I was Miss Morongla.

I have nominated myself for the NSW Youth Advisory Council, which I did not get but it helped to develop my skills. 

Why would I like to be Cowra Showgirl for 2017: I would like to become Cowra Showgirl so I can help myself become more involved in the Cowra community.

I think this will help me also to be more confident and be able to develop many skills.

I look forward to meeting new friends that will be on the same journey as I am.

I look forward to sharing my strong passion for our community and the experience with other women of my age.  

Katie Malloy

Age: 24

Occupation: Accountant at Balance Accountants & Advisers 

Study: Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Accounting/Finance at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

Hobbies/interests: I have a keen interest in the horse racing industry, stemming from a long family history of jockeys, trainers and owners. 

Community involvement: Volunteer on the gate for Cowra Harness Club and hoping this will introduce me to more opportunities for community involvement

Why would I like to be Cowra Showgirl for 2017: I believe participating in the Showgirl competition will give me an opportunity to see another side to Cowra, with the hope of greater community involvement.

The experience is something that is well out of my comfort zone and I hope that it encourages others to try something they may have been reluctant to do.

It’s also an opportunity to challenge myself and build confidence while meeting new people along the way. 

Callista Ford

Age: 18

Occupation: Pharmacy Assistant, Optimal Pharmacy Plus Cowra

Study: Certificate 3 – Companion Animals, Certificate 3 Business Studies, HSC, RSA and RCG, Barista and hygiene

Hobbies/interests: Horse riding, hairdressing, shopping and fashion. 

Community involvement: Helping out at the Koorawatha Show (kitchen/horse ring)

Why would I like to be Cowra Showgirl for 2017: I would like to be Cowra Showgirl for 2017 because I would love the opportunity to be more involved in Cowra’s community and what it has to offer.

This opportunity would allow me to be a better role model for the younger girls in Cowra.

Becoming the 2017 Cowra Showgirl would boost my confidence as a unique, young adult. 

Kristen Frederickson

Age: 24

Occupation: Veterinarian, Cowra Veterinary Centre

Study: Have only recently (July) completed Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. 

Hobbies/interests: Netball, regular walks with my dog, showing cattle, helping on the family farm (Angus stud and sheep property)

Community involvement: University community – netball teams, study groups and assisting in the running of the Veterinary Science Student Association.

Cattle community – providing ballot cattle at shows, judging roles and involvement in running youth shows, Angus Youth Roundup Committee, 2014/2015 Angus Youth Management Committee. 

Additional achievements: Top 15 of Intercollegiate Meat Judging 2015, Angus Youth Landmark Ambassador 2014, Angus Youth Trans-Tasman Exchange recipient 2015. 

Why would I like to be Cowra Showgirl for 2017: I am only new to the Cowra community and believe that Cowra Showgirl provides a fantastic opportunity to meet people, become involved in and be afforded a level of responsibility in both the Cowra Show community and the community of Cowra itself.

I believe I could learn a great amount from the experience, both educational and personally.

I strive to continue to work on my communication and interpersonal skills and Cowra Showgirl provides another enjoyable means of doing so.