Cowra triathlon club members will compete at Orange this Sunday

Evah Heidke pictured during the Triathlon Club's Superheroes night recently.

Evah Heidke pictured during the Triathlon Club's Superheroes night recently.

This Sunday sees the Triathlon Interclub competition take place in Orange. 

All triathletes are encouraged to head over to Orange and take this opportunity to represent Cowra at this event. 

Young, old, fast or slow everyone is welcome. Our development officer Tabitha Jones will be there to ensure all Cowra participants have any help or guidance they may need.

Locally, last Friday was another great night of racing. In the two lapper, John Wood surprised even himself when he came home strong in first place.  

In the one lapper, Mike Chambers returned to Friday night racing on his birthday. He was in a tough competition with Jake Roberts, who ended up taking out the win.

The novice course saw Tara Hayes make the step up from the kids course. It is always so impressive to see the kids progress in the sport. Darcy Foxall raced home for the win.

The kids course was fantastic as always. Holly Fagan had a great win, and it was great to welcome Bentley Williams and Oliver Beard to triathlon. At only three they have plenty of racing ahead of them.

Results from Friday, November 4

Kids Course- Holly Fagan 23.41, Ollie Krause 23.53, Georgina McCouat 24.11, Beau Wilson 24.23, Michael Hayes 25.20, Charlie Peterson 25.33, Beau Smith 25.39, Lawson Wood 25.52, Harry Beale 26.23, Holly Peterson 26.54, Zoe Jones 26.57, Bentley Williams 27.52, Oliver Beard 31.42.

Novice course- Darcy Foxall 10.24, Imogen Chambers 11.04, Tess Roberts 11.37, Ashleigh Saunders 12.11, Jo Roberts 12.22, Henry Fagan 12.40, Joab Doolan 12.57, Sophie Peters 14.37, Zoe Peters 14.38, Harry Anderson 15.15, Liam Saunders 16.49, Tara Hays 18.26, Cailee Anderson 20.18.

One Lap- Jake Roberts 17.07, Mike Chambers 17.14, Rory Sullivan 20.38, Trish Foxall 21.09, Susan Callaghan 21.48.

Two Lap- John Wood 28.54, Andrew Fisher 29.12, John Sullivan 29.52, Matt Harrison 31.15, Will Cain 31.17, Bron Porter 32.14, Kate Price 33.05, Ky Johnson 33.41, Sarah Armstrong 34.23, Scott Vickary 35.01, Amanda Sullivan 36.55, Kate Price 38.17, Darcy Callaghan 40.25,  Sally Wallace 42.05.