Making life fun for residents

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"From a leisure and lifestyle point of view it's important we remain positive, giving our residents as many good opportunities and making it as fun as we can," Ms Warren said.

"With COVID-19 they are missing out on a lot of social opportunities.

"They can't go out, they are missing time with their family members, our volunteers can't come in, so Sean Darling my amazing assistant come up with the idea for the carnival."

Ms Warren said it had been an amazing effort by Mr Darling to create the day.

"He had total ownership of it and did a lot of work in his own time creating all the games," she said.

"We had a sideshow alley, the residents won tickets to redeem for prizes and the kitchen staff created a festival morning tea and carnival food for lunch.

"Then in the afternoon we made it even more exciting with the dunk tank."

Cowra Retirement Village CEO, Scott Kable, thanked all the staff for helping create a fun day.

"They all go above and beyond," he said.

"A lot of these days are done in their own time and the residents appreciate it and myself and the board appreciate it."

He said it was important residents were treated to special events like the carnival.

"With COVID-19, people being locked down, visiting restricted and community visiting being restricted it's really important we engage with the residents, so they're not sitting around thinking about doom and gloom and that they are enjoying themselves and having fun," he said.

"As well as days like today we've increased our activities staff so there's more activities on weekends, more one on one activities and we have Skype."

Mr Kable said he had a feeling of trepidation towards the rest of the year.

"You would hope we don't get a situation like there is in Victoria, but we don't know," he said.

"Three weeks ago there was no one in residential aged care in Victoria that had COVID and now you look at it now."

He said there was only so much the village could do to be prepared.

"It's about having your plans in place, personal protective equipment and staff educated knowing their job which we have done.

"Planning for the worst but hoping for the best."

Scott Kable in the drink.

Scott Kable in the drink.