The young faces of Cowra: Maegan Carroll

To celebrate Youth Week 2020, members of the Cowra Youth Council have been busy interviewing and profiling young members of the Cowra community.

Maegan Carroll is one hardworking, dedicated girl and we are lucky to have her in our community!

She is school captain at Cowra High School and is always willing to get out there and help the community.

She loves to assist people with anything they need and is always participating in new activities.

Maegan is also very stubborn, but this is great for her because she will always get the job done.

She received the Long Tan award in 2018, received two scholarships and competed in the Speech Lions Youth.

She is also proud to acknowledge that she grew the courage to shave her head for cancer.

How inspiring!

Maegan hopes to see more kids expressing their thoughts and ideas about how Cowra can grow.

By being on the Cowra Youth Council, she can pass on ideas from her school to the Youth Council and vice versa.

Maegan is aspiring to study at university to become a vet or work in a clinic, but also doing special effects.

She also wants to travel the world and see new things.

"My mum is my childhood hero. She raised three kids alone, earning money to benefit us. She told us to go for every opportunity given to us and she has always been accepting of everything we've done and the people we have become," - Maegan Carroll.