A good roll up for croquet

Gwen Bush.

Gwen Bush.

Saturday, January 11

Gwen Bush and Jan Trengove played a singles game together.

The day was very pleasant which pleased them both as they had quite a battle and needed to keep on their toes and their wits in top condition.

The game ended when Jan pegged out and both players were very happy with their efforts, and the match was fairly even most of the way through. 26-19

Monday, January 13

Rosalie Nichols and Netta partnered up in a game of Association Croquet.

Rosalie is getting the hang of the game very well.

They played Pam Boler and had an interesting game together with Pam pegging out, to Rosalie and Netta's 11.

Elaine and Heather Edwards played as partners against Alison Muggridge in Ass. Cr. as well. (no golf croquet today).

As Monday is practice day, Elaine had a lot of repeat shots throughout the game, and according to the reporter, lots of chatter.

Wednesday, January 15

A good roll up today despite the heavy smoke in the air. Jan Trengove and Helen Bryant teamed up against Wilma Battye and Jenny Walker.

A very good competitive game between the sides with some excellent roquets and hoops from all. Jan and Helen were too good for the other two and pegged out fairly easily, with Jenny and Wilma not too far behind. 26-17

The odd-sided game was played between Ana Kusetic and Chris Palazzi as the pair against Pam Boler.

The game started very mildly as we chattered a bit, missing roquets and hoops.

We soon became more serious and Pam gained the upper hand and had quite a few hoops to her credit and we were well into the game. Chris scored an exciting break of eight hoops (a first) which put herself and Ana just behind Pam in the scoring.

We must have pulled up our collective socks then, as the game became much more competitive and went on to the end with Chris and Ana pegging out 26, to Pam's 18.

The third game, and the longest running, was played between Heather Edwards and Alison Muggridge. A very slow and hard to score game as a lot of strategies failed to pay off in the crucial stroke. However they enjoyed the challenged that each faced. The final score was Heather 20 and Alison 13