We'll all have a part to play in the rebuilding

Surely it must be the greatest example of the Australian spirit to see so many communities, many of them still battling blazes, declaring their intention to rebuild.

That's not only to rebuild their houses but also the infrastructure within their communities; everything from their schools to their shops and community meeting halls.

It is a testament to the human spirit that even as weary firefighters are still battling to bring the bushfires under control communities are coming together and demonstrating their determination not to let the fires destroy them.

But we need to remember that these communities, no matter how determined, are not going to be able to rebuild alone.

It's going to take a lot of help from both the government and the rest of the country.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has copped a hammering over his handling of the current bushfire crisis, but it isn't entirely too late for him to do some good.

He can not only heed the calls to "open the cheque book", but also make sure communities get the help they need to rebuild.

In the first major step towards rebuilding, those impacted will be able to access a $2 billion recovery fund announced this week.

Families, businesses and councils are being promised immediate cash payments.

Let's hope the money starts to flow, having survived the trauma of the bushfires, the last thing people need to hear is that some kind of bureaucratic snafus is delaying attempts to get the rebuilding work started.

Red tape has no place in a community that is trying to rebuild emotionally, economically and practically.

With so many of us keen to help there have been plenty of practical suggestion aired including donating gift vouchers that can be used in local businesses.

Not only will this allow those who have lost everything in the fires to chose items for themselves, but it will provide valuable income for a business that, having survived the flames, is faced with the challenge of continuing to operate in a devastated community. Others too have suggest we jump on line and book our favourite holiday location six months ahead ensuring those who have lost so much business now can begin to imagine a return to normality.

In the months and years to come, tourism is going to provide a valuable cash boost; we need to continue to remember these communities will still need support.

MSW Bushfire Emergency. Hillville Fire. Fire crews tackle flare ups on the Hillville Fire

MSW Bushfire Emergency. Hillville Fire. Fire crews tackle flare ups on the Hillville Fire