Cowra man will spend his birthday behind bars

A 33-year-old Cowra man will be celebrating his birthday behind bars after being sentenced to a number of jail terms at Cowra Local Court.

Daniel Goricki wept in the dock as a 12-month term of imprisonment with a non-parole period of three months was given to him for intimidation intending fear or physical harm.

He continued to weep as he was given a nine-month term of imprisonment with a non-parole period of three months for intentionally damaging property, an eight-month term of imprisonment with a non-parole period of two months for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and a seven-month term of imprisonment with a non-parole period of two months for a breach of bond.

According to police facts, in the early hours of August 10, Goricki and his first victim became involved in an argument over Goricki kissing someone at a wake the previous day.

The pair were separated, with the victim taken outside by witnesses.

Around 3am Goricki came outside to speak to the victim.

The victim, having chosen to ignore him, felt a sudden blow to the left side of the cheek.

The victim then went inside crying and witnesses contacted police while Goricki was taken away by other witnesses.

Police arrived around 4am and took statements from the victim, observing them with a bruised and swollen cheek.

The victim stated Goricki had hit her with a closed fist. Police then arrested Goricki.

During an interview, he admitted to hitting the victim saying, "I just slapped her".

In a separate incident, around 11.30am on October 28, Goricki noticed his second victim pull out in front of him.

He then accelerated behind the victim causing his tires to screech.

He continued to tailgate his victim for around 400 metres before accelerating beside his victim's vehicle as they entered a turn lane.

He then rammed the passenger side of his victim's vehicle, causing damage to the front fender and knocking his own mirror off.

He then verbally abused the victim and punched the victim's vehicle before driving off.

Goricki's solicitor Clive Hill told the court his client's anger management and drinking problems were a "common genesis for his offending".

"He was unable to regulate his emotions and was not getting the help that he needed," he said.

"I've explained to him how seriously the court takes this and that he cannot act like the olden days. He's keen to get help.

"Since being in custody he's able to view things from a better perspective. He has the recognition he's in need of help and is willing to do anything to get it."

In sentencing Magistrate Micheal O'Brien backdated Goricki's sentences noting the time he had already served in custody.

"You've had nearly a month to reflect on a very poor decision," he said.

"It's never too late to do something about your behaviour, you just need to harden your resolve. You're a young person with a life ahead of him.

"It's often the moments of failure that teach us the most and these are big failures. Learn from them and do something about it.

"Many have been where you are and resolved to never be back, focus, get all the help you can so you don't succumb to rage and anger.

"It seems when you drink you make bad choices, alcohol turns you from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde. This is a pivotal moment, resolve from this day forward to get assistance to manage your emotions, rage and anger and to make good decisions.

"Let's make this your last time in custody," he said.

Goricki was also fined $500 and disqualified from driving for three months for negligent driving and a low range PCA.