It's time to help the victims not blame them

Enough is enough.

Cowra businesses, charities, sporting clubs, home owners - all have been the victim of break-ins and malicious acts of vandalism over the past couple of months.

Just this week the Cowra Golf Club has been targeted on two occasions.

Our Salvation Army and St Vincent dePaul stores have also been hit more than once. Who breaks in to a charity?

As one Cowra golf club member said after the latest attack on the club, those responsible aren't looking for money.

"They're just doing it for shits and giggles".

But no one is laughing.

The perpetrators are causing many thousands of dollars in damage.

Someone must know who is carrying out these malicious acts.

Those who do know should take the correct course of action and call the police.

If it is young people involved the right path for their parents is to assist police, not hinder them.

Our laws don't allow police to speak with juveniles unless an adult is present. If you suspect your child is involved, step up and be a responsible parent.

Related to the story has been the surprising amount of victim blaming evident on our social media pages since today's print edition story (page 1) went live on our website.

The golf club came under fire for not having more security, our state member was criticised for Cowra not having a 24 hour police station.

Not a lot of criticism was directed at the criminals involved or those who must know something and are sitting back, doing nothing.

There were comments like "It is a government problem which the local member should be aware of. A 24 hour police station is needed in a town the size of Cowra".


"The Golf Club could easily do what many other businesses do, and provide their own security.Camera systems are very reasonably priced, and easily accessible these days."

It's time Cowra took responsibility for what is going on, don't blame the victim, don't blame the police, don't blame the state government.

Cowra isn't a bad place it is just made to look that way from time to time by a minority. Do the right thing, step forward and help the police and the victims find out who is responsible.