Helping Cowra students with study expenses

Help with expenses.

Help with expenses.

Textbooks, workbooks, pens, pencils and living and course expenses, the cost of tertiary education quickly adds up and for those undertaking the need to work can cut into their study time.

The Trustees of Cowra's Bruce and Margaret Weir trust are attempting to lighten the load on local students in their second, third and fourth years of university study.

The Trustees are inviting Cowra students who are entering into their second, third or where applicable, fourth year of full time tertiary education to apply for three available scholarships.

Conditions for students who are considering applying are:

  • The applicant's principal residence must have been within the Cowra district or have undertaken their secondary education in Cowra
  • Applicants whose main residence was in Cowra but completed secondary education away from Cowra will be eligible.
  • Applicants must not be a current recipient of significant financial support from a government department, corporation, institution or community group.
  • Support will be subject to annual review and take into account among other factors, satisfactory academic results.
  • Each scholarship will be for a maximum of three years.
  • Funds will be made available quarterly in advance.
  • Each scholarship will be to the value of ten thousand dollars per annum, ($10,000), and may be divided between applicants in each year of study.

The Trustees will assess and award the scholarships as they see fit and will not consider any challenge to their decision.

Written applications need to include course studied and the applicants financial status and be sent prior to December 30, 2019 to The trustees, the Bruce and Margaret Weir Trust, PO Box 412, Cowra NSW 2794.