One man's mission to bring art to the streets

Fergus Carney with one of his artworks.

Fergus Carney with one of his artworks.

It's no secret Cowra is home to some big names in the art world.

A Cowra resident is trying to open up the town to aspiring street artists.

Fergus Carney is hoping Cowra Council will consider a wall for street artists to create legal works alongside a possible large mural on the water tanks near the POW camp.

Mr Carney said he had the idea for the wall after spending time with an American street artist in Germany and Bulgaria.

"I just want to see more culture and art here. Cowra is a really tidy clean town but to have a place for some street art would be really good," he said.

"I grew up in Cowra, I love Cowra and am proud to be here, but people say there's not a lot to do and I came back thinking what else could I do to promote art and have more spaces for people to show their works legally. Make it a culture here.

"I also think there should be a large mural up at the POW camp, done in collaboration with Japan because it's exactly at the middle point between the camp and the Japanese Garden.

"If you look at Grenfell and the silos there, why can't there be something like that here? I think it would be good for tourism," he said.

Mr Carney said the wall would help build on the already successful regional art gallery.

"We have a great gallery so why can't there be a street art gallery or murals around? It's still art but it has a cement canvas, it's outside, it's public and everyone can see it," he said.

"I don't expect Council to erect a wall specifically for it, but say one of the equipment sheds at River Park.

"Every month the wall could be whitewashed over and start fresh again or you could have a two-week time frame where works would have to be left for two weeks before you could go over them.

"I'm just sparking some conversation and hoping to start something where people can paint and draw legally," he said.

Mr Carney has brought his ideas to Cowra Council who said it would be discussed at the next council meeting.

"Council has received Mr Carney's letter," a council spokesperson said.

"We always welcome submissions from our residents on ways we can make Cowra a more visual town.

"Council has a public art advisory panel that meets to discuss how art can be incorporated into the town and provides recommendations to Council.

"Mr Carney's letter will be tabled for discussion at their next meeting," the spokesperson said.

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