Realities of life catch up to driver

A 31-year-old Hovells Creek man has been disqualified from driving for six months and given a nine month supervised intensive corrections order at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, August 7.

Aaron John Denny of Bennett Springs Road was before the court charged with driving a motor vehicle during a disqualification period.

According to police facts, around 10.05am on May 13, police witnessed a Holden Astra travelling on Lyall Street with a registration plate displayed on the front but not the rear of the vehicle.

Police stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, Denny.

He informed police he didn't have a licence and he was disqualified.

Police checks confirmed Denny had been disqualified from August 3, 2016, to May 20, 2020.

In sentencing Magistrate Michael O'Brien said Denny's behaviour showed repeated acts of disobedience.

"I note from your history you've been before the court for numerous offences of this kind," he said.

"Your record doesn't commend itself, you're 31 now and the realities of life are pressing themselves on you.

"This matter can carry fines of up to $5,500, 12 months imprisonment and a disqualification of 12 months, minimum six," he said.

Denny told the court he was attempting to address his offending behaviour through a number of means.

"I've been going to the PCYC every two days since I've been back at work to re-enroll in the traffic offenders program," he said.

"I'm also getting my ADHD treated and have a referral to Orange."

Magistrate O'Brien made it a condition of Denny's order to provide the court with a written evidence he had satisfactorily completed the traffic offenders intervention program to the court by December 31, 2019.