Boys in blue set to take on rivals as local Magpie Harris joins NSW Police team

Probationary Constable Harris will be headed to Darwin as part of the NSW Police Rugby League side.

Probationary Constable Harris will be headed to Darwin as part of the NSW Police Rugby League side.

Cowra's probationary constable, Logan Harris, has been named as one of two country police officers selected for the NSW Police Rugby League state side competing at the Australian Police Rugby League Tri-Series later this month.

The local officer said that it was a fantastic feeling to be selected for the side.

"It's pretty big achievement to be picked to represent not only the Cowra Police but the country police," he said.

"You know I'm only new to the job, probably one of the younger blokes (on the team), so I was pretty stoked to get on the team.

"It's good we get the opportunity to play football for work, there's not a lot of organisations that would let you do that," he said.

The team will be taking on their Queensland Police and Affiliated States and Territories counterparts in the series for a place in the Australian representative side, Harris said.

"We went to Port Macquarie in March for a week and played a game a day against the other NSW Police sides, then they picked a City and Country side form that carnival.

"I ended up playing for the country side and we played in Mudgee just last months and was selected for the state side from that.

"So they'll pick an Australian side from the Tri-Series; it would be a massive honour if I was selected for the Australian team," he said.

Harris said he was enjoying the support from his fellow officers and keen to win the series for NSW.

"The Cowra officers are all heaps supportive of my football, I've been lucky to come to this station with some great people," he said.

"We've got a pretty good side so it should be a pretty good hit out and hopefully we can come away with the win."

The Tri-Series is hosted by the Affiliated States and Territories Storm Police Rugby League at the newly built Darwin Rugby League Stadium from June 21 to June 23.

  • Team: 1. Daniel Drewe (Macarthur) 2. Anton Sahyoun (Parramatta) 3. Jack Webster (Manly) 4. Haydn Peacock (Bankstown) 5. Simon Gairns (Macarthur) 6. Adam McInnes (Parramatta) 7. Matthew Price (Macarthur) 8. Brayden Sharrock (Country Sth) 9. Daniel Mahoney (Parramatta) 10. David Cox (Manly) 11. Mitchell West (Eastern Suburbs) 12. Dane Clarke (Bankstown) 13. Danny Lawrence (Manly) 14. Jake Clisby (Eastern Suburbs) 15. Corey White (Macarthur) 16. Brent Nellies (Macarthur) 17. Alex Sahyoun (Parramatta) 18. Desai Gupwell (Manly) 19. Michael Creamer (Parramatta) 20. Logan Harris (Country Sth) 21. Colin Farmilo (Eastern Suburbs) 22. James Gray (Eastern Suburbs)