A splash of inspiration at the Cowra Business Hub

Those needing some inspiration while working in the Cowra Business Hub need only look up on the wall to find it.

The hub now has nine canvases providing inspiration and stimulation in the way of motivational phrases.

Local artist, Shani Nottingham, produced the canvases and said the works added character to the space.

"The works highlight the innovative and thought provoking nature of the Hub," she said.

"The wall highlight's and promote's critical thinking and creativity. It's a unique, tailor made installation that fits with the Hub's ethics and beliefs, goals and aims.

"Passionate people with powerful ideas are supported when they have the time, place, space, support and opportunity to let their ideas develop and grow. Creating an environment that mirrors this is vital. In a visual world, how we present to the world is not to be underestimated," she said.

Ms Nottingham said that producing the work was a unique opportunity for her.

"Although I have worked for many years in the art world, I had never actually done a work quite like this," she said.

"I do a lot of work with black pen outlines, that often incorporates writing, typography, so I knew it was in my skillset, I've just never done something this large.

"I feel honoured and really chuffed to have been a small part of the the Hub. By using me, as a local businesswoman, to be part of it, they are also supporting and giving opportunity for me to share a little of what I do.

"Implementing the very policies and ideas that at are fundamental to why the Hub has been set up. Walking the walk, as well as talking the talk," she said.

Cowra Business Chamber president Jordan Core said he was proud to have the work on display in the hub.

"This piece was commissioned to local artist Shani Nottingham, with the vision that this work will showcase what the Hub has to offer, the reasonings behind it, and the benefits of co working," he said.

"My team and I are extremely impressed with the work, and are proud to showcase it as a feature piece in our 60 seat learning room."

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