New station for Godfrey's Creek brigade and long service recognised

Perfect weather and the official end of the South West Slopes fire season marked the official opening of the Godfrey's Creek Rural Fire Service (RFS) station.

District Manager, Superintendent Andrew Dillon, said it was a pleasure to be honouring the work of the Godfrey's Creek brigade with a new station.

"I'd like to acknowledge this brigade and the fantastic work it does," he said.

"Godfrey's Creek has got serious bush, quite a few grassland hazzards and the ability for this brigade to turn out quickly to motor vehicle accidents is absolutely outstanding.

"In this part of the world (the brigade) may be the only emergency service within 10 minutes and that can make the difference between someone having a terrible day or just a bad day.

"They've dealt with some complex forest and grass fires ... the excellent response and their professional way of dealing with incidents, makes my job a breeze."

Also congratulating the brigade was NSW RFS Assistant Commissioner Kelly Brown, who thanked the brigades families for supporting it's members.

"Having grown up in the organisation I know first hand the importance of family and it's great to see so many of your family here today," she said.

"I really would like acknowledge your family members here and thank them for allowing you to give up your time.

"I know the impost our organisation can have on our families, the empty seat at the dinner table because you've been called out to an MVA for the third time that week or you not being around for days at a time because you've had a campaign fire in you own area.

"I wish you all the best for (the station) and the future endeavours of the brigade."

The opening also provided the RFS an opportunity to honour 11 of the brigade's members with long service medals, tallying a combined 506 years of service.

Raymond Croker, Shaun Whittaker, Suzan Langfield, Robert Milligan and Mark Flannery were recognised for 33, 34, 35 and 38 years of service.

Reginald Croker, Robert Croker and Shirley Green were each recognised for 46 years of service.

Austin Whittaker, John Langfield and Richard Flannery were recognised for 63, 64 and 66 years of service.

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