Tell us your number one issue for Cowra in the 2019 NSW election | Poll

Tell us your number one issue for the 2019 NSW election | Poll

IN March, voters in the Cootamundra electorate will head to the polls to pick their state representative for the next term of government.

Below, The Cowra Guardian has selected a number of broad issues that are bound to come up during the course of the Cootamundra campaign trail.

While they are all issues in need of attention, we want to know which is your number one out of the following: health, education, roads, water supply, policing, drought assistance and big infrastructure projects.

For example, local health issues include funding for a new Cowra Hospital.

As for education, TAFE funding, or the lack there of is a hot topic around the state. The region’s school also face a maintenance backlog.

Roads are always a big selling point at state elections.

Environmentally, water issues are becoming more prominent than ever, particularly given the drought – Wyangala Dam continues to fall.

Speaking of drought, the big dry is expected to be a big talking point this election. Many people were disappointed by the perceived lack of response by both state and federal governments. Expect contenders to attack the government’s response, while there’s the potential for the government to announce more support and funding.

In terms of infrastructure local councils have been campaigning for years for the rail line between Cowra and Harden to be re-opened. 

Major state government responsibilities include schools, hospitals, conservation and environment, roads, railways and public transport, public works, agriculture and fishing, industrial relations, community services, sport and recreation, consumer affairs, police, prisons and emergency services.

If you think we’ve left an issue out, send an email to or write a letter to the same email address.