Farmers to discuss their mine rights

Woodstock farmers and members of NSW Farmers are meeting on Monday to discuss their rights as mining exploration in the area gains momentum.

The meeting, called by NSW Farmers, after consultation with Woodstock district farmers, will be held on Monday, December 7 from 7pm at the Woodstock Bowling Club.

Vice president of the NSW Farmers and Cowra farmer Chris Groves said the purpose of the meeting is to ascertain what is currently happening on farms; what kind of agreements are in place with landholders; what concerns farmers have with current or proposed exploration activities and; what next steps farmers in the region would like take.

Mr Groves said the meeting will be open to any interested landholders in the region.

Farmers wanting more information ahead of Monday’s meeting can contact Chris Groves on 0429 157 766 |

A number of mining companies have undertaken exploration activities in the Woodstock area in recent years, most recently Fortescue Mining  in August this year.

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