Lift your game or lose your freedom, magistrate tells offender

A former Cowra man, now living in Gooloogong, charged with destroying property and breaching court orders which were issued after he was charged with common assault and stalking was placed on further Community Corrections Orders when he appeared in the Local Court on November 7.

Christopher Clayton Reid, 33, of Whitehorse Road, Gooloogong was told to “lift your game”, “hang his head in shame” and “he needs to stop drinking cold turkey” when he appeared before Magistrate Michael O’Brien.

His solicitor Mr Song told the court the damage was actually a 5cm crack in a door which was the result of an argument between Reid and his partner.

“Mr Reid made full admissions to get himself away from the environment,” Mr Song said.

“There is no pattern of domestic violence, the bond that is breached is not a domestic violence matter,” Mr Song told the court.

According to police Reid had consumed an unknown amount in the early hours of Friday, August 17 before returning to a Jindalee Circuit home occupied by the victim and a young child.

“He became abusive towards the victim for unknown reasons,” police said.

An altercation than occurred and the victim used the kitchen door as a barrier which the accused pushed causing a 5cm crack in the door.

When police arrived the victim told them nothing had happened but later confirmed Reid had cracked the door and she had called Triple zero.

Before sentencing Reid, magistrate Michael O’Brien suggested “alcohol and Mr Reid don’t go together” before asking his solicitor “what’s he doing about it”.

“He has engaged with anger management courses and he does have drug and alcohol counselling,” solicitor Mr Song said.

“What he needs to understand is that if comes back to this court for offending of this kind it will tell me he is not taking his responsibilities as a member of a civilised community seriously,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The days of Mr Reid damaging and destroying property are coming to an end and if he doesn’t get the message soon he will lose his freedom.

“(His actions) are aggravated by the fact this occurs in the home where people are entitled to feel safe and secure.

“Young children that witness behaviour of this kind are traumatised. Mr Reid should hang his head in shame for his failure to once again address his demons which is his inability to say no to a glass of alcohol.

“He’s going to have to try a lot harder, his efforts to date are minimal and have not resulted in a desirable outcome.

“He continues to engage in behaviour that is by any standard unacceptable.

“If he needs any warning than he is getting it now. His freedom will be taken away from him. He needs to stop drinking cold turkey.

“He knows where he stands if he comes back here,” Mr O’Brien said before placing Reid on fresh Community Correction Orders for 12 months for his previous matters plus an additional Order for the damage property offence.

“You are making court appearances all too regularly, most people are rarely inside a court room, you’re beginning to make it a regular habit.

“You broke your word to the court that you wouldn’t re-offend.

“It’s time for you to lift your game,” Mr O’Brien told Reid.