Cowra Court matter compared with a Home and Away episode

A Cowra Local Court solicitor has described events surrounding his client’s offence as similar to an episode of Home and Away.

“It’s the third matter of a similar matrix,” magistrate Michael O’Brien noted of the offence of stalking that Monique Weekley when she appeared before him on September 5, 2018.

“It’s almost Home and Away stuff,” solicitor Johnson admitted to the court.

Mr O’Brien told Weekley, “If people don’t like each other they should just avoid each other, don’t talk to each other, don’t say anything, don’t do anything.

“Take a different route home if you need to, you can control your behaviour,” he told Weekley.

Convicting Weekley, Magistrate O’Brien placed her on a Section 9 bond to be of good behaviour for 12 months.

“What is disturbing is that Ms Weekley has, in a very short period of time, amassed a number of bonds which keep getting called up (to the court) for re-offending,” Mr O’Brien said.

“One wonders whether Ms Weekley understands what a bond is.

“As has been said before by this court, it used to be that a man’s word was his bond and that if he gave his word it would be an insult to suggest that he might break it.

“And yet this court sees solid bonds being given as a condition of one’s liberty that are habitually breached without any thought whatsoever.

“The community might feel in many instances that the imposition of  a a bond might give it a sense of assurance that the offender won’t re-offend but at the moment Ms Weekley is clocking up breaches of bonds like we’ve all had hot dinners without any thought to the fact that by breaking the bonds she places her liberty at risk.

“This court might one day say a bond simply isn’t meeting the community objectives.

“Ms Weekley as a young mother, like every mother has enormous challenges, but it doesn’t excuse the behaviour that I am reading about.

“It beggars belief that people behave this way, it’s like living with the neighbours from hell.

“If she breaches any further bonds she runs the very real risk of very severe sanctions because bonds don’t give the community any assurance that she is going to modify her behaviour,” Mr O’Brien said.

According to Cowra Police, 26 year-old Weekley, a resident of Jindalee Circuit approached the victim on a number of occasion threatening and abusing the victim.

Police said on June 3 this year Weekley stood outside of the victim’s home in Jindalee Circuit calling out that she wanted to fight and throwing a piece of concrete toward’s the victim’s home.

When the victim went inside to call police Weekley left but returned a short time later with an older person and attempted to gain entry to the victim’s home.

The victim again called police.

A short time later further altercations occurred involving family members of both parties which resulted in serious charges.

When police attended Weekley’s home she told them to #### off before slamming the front door closed.