Last time bonds will be issued

A 28-year-old Cowra man has been fined a total of $500 and given section nine good behaviour bonds ranging from 12 to 18 months at Cowra Local Court.

Stewart James Lawson-Whitney of Courallie Street was before the court charged with driving recklessly, possessing a prohibited drug, custody of a knife in a public place, intent to destroy property and possession of a prescribed substance.

According to Police facts, in the early morning of May 1, after his vehicle ran out of fuel Lawson-Whitney went to a nearby house and broke in. Around 6.09am police arrived and found Lawson-Whitney walking his dog.

During a search of Lawson-Whitney police found a large hunting knife, a skinning knife and a small knife, a small crossbow, slingshot and 3.7 grams of cannabis. He made admissions to police about breaking in because he was scared.

Around 4.40pm on June 5 police were patrolling Cowra when they observed Lawson-Whitney drive into a local car park at speed, he continued through the car park at speed causing his wheels to screech and breaking heavily to avoid an accident.

Police observed him not wearing a seat belt and continuing to drive at speed out of the car park failing to stop and causing his wheels to spin.

Police followed as he sped off, activating their lights and sirens, Lawson-Whitney appeared to stop before speeding off to his residence.

Police arrived shortly after, arresting him and searching him. During the search police found 1.4 grams of cannabis and a needle containing morphine.

Lawson-Whitney’s solicitor told the court his client suffered from drug induced schizophrenia and broke into the house believing he was being chased by the devil.

“It’s clear his medication needs to be reviewed in light of his actions,” his solicitor said.

“However the staff at Weigelli have commented on how proactive he has been in asking for help. He’s shown remorse to them and commented on how scared the victim who was at home must have felt.

“It’s hoped that he has seen a psychiatrist and had his medication reviewed and his offending will cease.”

In sentencing Lawson-Whitney, Magistrate Michael O’Brien, agreed saying he needed “active and intense intervention”.

“Enough is enough, taking drugs, driving dangerously and breaking into houses has to stop, the court will not tolerate this behaviour.”