Jeffrey Patrick Kinney receives suspended jail sentence at Cowra Local Court

A Cowra man who failed to properly transfer ownership of a shotgun which is now unaccounted for has received a suspended nine month term of imprisonment.

Jeffrey Patrick Kinney, 25, escaped full-time custody at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, facing charges stemming from firearm offences in June last year.

Police facts tendered at court reveal that Kinney failed to transfer ownership of a Boito 410 shotgun which he had “lent” to a South Australian man who “intended to buy it”. 

On June 14, 2017, Kinney told police that he had in fact sold the shotgun to the man in South Australia and reported it to police.

Police spoke with NSW Firearms who confirmed the shotgun was still registered to Kinney. While South Australia Firearms had no record of it.

After inquiries from NSW Police and South Australia Police, the South Australian man was identified and he was charged with several firearm offences unrelated to this matter.

He denied having possession of the Boito 410 shotgun.

The firearm remains unaccounted for.

“I am appalled by the breathtaking lack of concern you have for firearms,” Magistrate Michael O’Brien said.

“There is a reason why we have a regime that requires the strict control of firearms.

“I sincerely hope that it’s never involved in an act of violence where someone is injured or loses their life, thanks to your ineptitude.”

Solicitor Mr Strickland, representing Kinney, said his client now has “no interest in guns and has completely removed himself from any involvement with guns or shooting”.

“He realises that the transfer of ownership should have gone through a dealer,” Mr Stickland said.

Kinney purchased the Boito 410 shotgun on August 17, 2011, less than two months after becoming a licensed firearm holder in NSW.

During January last year he was convicted of four unrelated charges, regarding disposing of stolen property and dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage. 

On June 6, 2017 his firearms licence re-application was formally refused and police seized close to $1000 worth of firearms and ammunition. The Boito 410 shotgun was not seized, resulting in the investigation.

“I have the feeling that these facts don’t set out the whole picture, there’s something unusual about this,” Magistrate Michael O’Brien said.

“We’re still in the dark.”

He was also fined $300.