Brand new facility for team at Cowra Veterinary Centre

It might be a brand new facility, but pet owners can be assured that it’s the same friendly, professional team at Cowra Veterinary Centre, which has relocated to 32 Grenfell Road. 

Dr Kellie Seres from Cowra Veterinary Centre said that while the team loved the old building in Darling Street, they wanted to upgrade the facility. 

“The opportunity came up so we took it,” she said. 

“We did look at doing improvements where we were and it sort of wasn’t really viable, and then this was easier in some way than trying to renovate it, especially since we are a hospital, we have to be sterile.” 

She said the building is incredible. 

“It’s amazing, the clients are just wowed when they walk into reception so it’s great,” she said. 

“It feels really lovely, it’s just got a great flow which we did spend a lot of time with floor plans and things to make sure it flowed really well.”

She said the team decided to get inspiration from other new veterinary clinics on what to do and what not to do. 

“We went and looked at three clinics in Canberra, Mudgee, Crookwell, all sort of fairly recently built their clinics and all of the owners were really generous in showing us around,” she said.

“It was really helpful doing that background research.”

The facility has state of the art features, including separate dog and cat wards, an ICU room and new blood machines. 

“We have a much bigger reception area, we’ve got separate dog and cat wards,” she said. 

“Cats stress…. it needs to be kept really quiet and previously we would have a dog waking up next to it after anesthetic. It’s not ideal. 

“We can definitely offer a higher standard of care than what we could in the previous building.”

They have also included a flat upstairs that will be used as accommodation for students and isolation ward for diseases such as parvo. 

The team will be holding an Open Day on Sunday, November 26 for anyone who wants to check out the new facility and the day will include a jumping castle and BBQ with proceeds going to a local dog rescue group. 

“We are just really proud of it, it’s come up beautifully and worth all the time and effort and thought,” Kellie said.