Open day at Mulyan on June 22

Mulyan School is inviting all prospective parents who are looking to enrol their child into kindergarten to attend an open day at the school on Thursday, June 22.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you have to make as a parent.  You want a school that will nurture the interesting little person you bought into this world, but you also want the school to encourage your child to step outside their comfort zone, to reach their full potential.  You want the school to be a safe place.  A place your child can take supported chances, become a risk taker, make mistakes, so they can build resilience.  You would also like the school to help your child navigate through the colourful world of friendships.  But most importantly, you would like your child to be happy.  Happy to come to school, happy to make friends, happy with themselves and happy to learn.

Mulyan Public School is a great school for finding this Happy Place.  Mulyan understands that if a child is happy, they are happy to come to school and happy to learn.  We understand the importance of early learning and the strength the early years have on success later in school.  We are an Early Action for Success School - focused on ensuring all students receive significant support to achieve state standards.

A t Mulyan, we understand the need to keep abreast with technology.  All classrooms have smartboards and more up to-date equivalents.  Each of the Infant’s classrooms is equipped with 4-5 iPads. Class sets of iPads are used by the primary, and all students have access to a large number of computers in our school library.

We have many opportunities for your child to excel as they continue their journey through the primary school.  These opportunities are academic, leadership and creative enrichment programmes such as: debating, dance, schools spectacular, public speaking and coding (just to name a few).

At Mulyan we have a significantly experienced teaching staff and support staff: who are all dedicated and inspirational educators, dedicated to provide positive experiences for all the students that they teach.  The experienced teaching staff demonstrate a confidence in their craft of teaching.  A confidence which infects the children in their classrooms

We know that finding a happy place is the key to a successful school match for your child.  And we know that Mulyan provides a happy place to learn especially with its big open spaces which fosters strong wellbeing.  At Mulyan we understand the importance that open spaces plays on a child’s development and we are committed to expanding these areas and opportunities in the near future.

So when considering a place for your child to learn, grow and play chose Mulyan Public School for its opportunities for happiness.

At Mulyan we understand that contact with nature is associated with a number of health benefits such as: improved thinking, increased creativity, improved interaction with adults and reduced acts of aggression and usually higher measures of self-worth.  Mulyan also knows that natural settings gives children opportunities for more diverse, imaginative and creative ways to play and also helps to foster improved language and collaborative skills.

If you have a child ready to start school please come to the school and we can arrange for you to have a tour of the school and find out about the wonderful opportunities that Mulyan Public School has to offer.