Cowra retailers could face legal action for posting alleged crime online

Cowra retailers who post footage on social media in a bid to name and shame thieves could easily find themselves litigated.

Wagga Wagga solicitor Patrick Boylen has warned against the method of retaliation.

He said people on Facebook or Twitter do not appreciate that they are publishers

“Owners who do this, they are suggesting that ‘this person is a criminal, do you know them?’ ’’ he said. 

“If they are wrong about that, then it’s defamatory.’

“Shop keepers are not trained in media law but yet they are publishing.

“You have the usual defence of truth and honestly-held opinion — so long as it is not done in a hurtful way — but they are potentially in a fair bit of trouble if they get it wrong,” Mr Boylen said.

Cowra police, have in the past, had to visit local businesses, after posting footage of an alleged crime.