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Cowra Junior Hockey: Xander DeWit plays the ball for Canowindra. Canteen and Umpiring Duties: This week 10:30am–1:30pm Bowling Club 1:30pm- 3:45pm Cowra Auto.
Cowra Junior Hockey: Xander DeWit plays the ball for Canowindra. Canteen and Umpiring Duties: This week 10:30am–1:30pm Bowling Club 1:30pm- 3:45pm Cowra Auto.


Great Game: Canowindra controls the ball out of their goal circle.

Great Game: Canowindra controls the ball out of their goal circle.

Juniors: Cowra Toyota found a strong Saints side when they met on Saturday last week.

Three fabulous goals from Ky Garratt put his team out of reach of Cowra Toyota but Hannah McKay did manage to put one in for her side.

Some lovely passing by both sides made for a good game to watch. Best players were Lucy Scammell, Hannah McKay, Jacinta Blackburn, Ky Garratt, Inka Garratt and Miller McGuiness.

Congratulations to Meg Jones who tried to even out the player numbers between Waugoola Motors and Mr Embroidery, playing a staring role for both sides. 

Other stand outs were Brayden Doud, Emogen Chambers, Aiden Green and Natasha Hager, all who showed good ball control and passing.

Unfortunately for Mr Embroidery, Waugoola Motors was too strong on the day winning 8-4 with goals from Emogen Chambers, Brayden Doud (5), Meg Jones (2) for Waugoola and  Aiden Green, Natasha Hager (2), and Meg Jones for Mr Embroidery. 

Lachlan Engineering Services played an outstanding game against Cowra Hire.  LES were strong in defense, with great attacking by Eliza Mulligan and Niamh Webster who scored LES’ eight goals between them. 

Best Players were Niamh Webster, Alice Mulligan, Charlie, Sienna, Nikali Paki and Claire Harris. Final score 8-0.

Intermediates: Despite having a great deal of the possession, Bryants were not able to put score on the board against Cowra Auto who defended their goal well to a 3-0 win. 

Sarah Richardson in attack for Cowra Auto was unstoppable at the Bryants end, scoring three goals for Auto. It was great to see that the older players are providing a leadership role to their teams and acting as ball distributors.

Best Players were Claire Harris, Inka Wilson, Lucy Scammell, Sarah Richardson, Braden Doud and Meg Jones.

Cowra Glass dominated possession through a great passing game against Canowindra. Canowindra were missing some of their more experienced players and were down on numbers compared to Glass, but still managed to defend well and have their opportunities at scoring. 

Dempsey Farrell-Gray continues to play great hockey and be an outstanding leader for his team, directing play from the back. 

Well done also to Mac Webster, Julia Wright, Claire Wright, Mikelli Garratt, Nikita Curtain and Eliza Mulligan who all come under notice by the umpires as best players on the day. Numbers 7-8 to Glass, missing best players. Final score 1-0 to Cowra Glass through a nice goal from Xander DeWett.  

Seniors/Opens: Colts were out-resourced by Services Club but managed to mitigate the damage on the board by solid defence by Doug Hughes in the back and Di Clark in goals.

Colts had some opportunities at the attacking end but were unable to get through the Services last line of defence. 

Two lovely goals by Matthew French and Kristy White sealed a 2-0 win to the Services. Best Players were Gai Gauci, Doug Hughes, Di Clark, Sally Scammell, Chris and Will Ousby. 

Continuing his solid performance from Intermediates, Dempsey Farrell-Gray was in position to score two goals for Golf Club against Canowindra, with a supportive team able to get the ball there. 

Best Players were Dempsey Farrell-Gray, Janae Hinderager, Jade TeWeehi, Amara Flannery, Glen Falconer and Brooke Kinsela.

National Hockey Week: Starting Saturday, June 17 and going through to Saturday, June 25 is National Hockey Week.

To celebrate the occasion, Cowra Hockey has arranged a number of activities and competitions for players in all grades.

Starting this Saturday, Minkies will participate in a “nearest to the pin” competition, where all entrants win a hockey ball. 

The Juniors will also have a “nearest to the pin” competition on this Saturday with a prize of $30 voucher for Just Hockey for the winner.

All players are encouraged to stay behind after their game to participate in this free event. 

Next week there will be a competition for all Intermediate players, including those Juniors that play in the Intermediates competition.

Players will have a go at trying to raise the ball through a tyre hanging from the goal and a winner will be also given a $30 voucher for Just Hockey. 

Those that play in the Opens/Seniors competition will be able to have a bit of fun trying to hit the cross bar to finish off the week. Keep a look out for the hockey photo competition that the will be on Facebook over the week.

Draw – Week 7 Saturday, June 17

11.30am Minkey Juniors (Cowra Auto Ref all games). JF1 Cowra Hire versus Saints. JF2 Waugoola Motors versus LES. JF3 Mr Embroidery versus Cowra Toyota.

12.30pm F1 Cowra Auto versus Canowindra (Golf Club ref). F2 Bryants versus Cowra Glass (Services Club ref).

1.45pm F1 Services Club versus Bowling Club (Colts ref).

3.10pm F1 Golf Club versus Colts (Bowling Club ref). Bye Canowindra. 

Canteen and Umpiring Duties: This week 10:30am–1:30pm Bowling Club 1:30pm- 3:45pm Cowra Auto. Next Week 10.30pm-1.30pm Canowindra. 1.30pm – 3.45pm Cowra Glass. Junior Umpiring Next Week – Cowra Auto.

Junior rugby league draw

Cowra Junior League

Round 9 Saturday, June 17

Tiny Field: 9am u6 Colts versus Wallabies. 9.50am u6 Bears versus Kangaroos. Canteen 10.40am-11am u6 Bears. 

Mini Field: 9am u8 Colts versus Wallabies. 9.25am-9.50am Canteen u8 Bears. 9.50am u8 Bears versus Kangaroos.

Mod Field: 9am u10 Colts versus Wallabies. 9.50am-10.40am Canteen u10 Wallabies. 9.50am u10 Bears versus Kangaroos.

Main Field: 9am u12 Kangaroos versus Wallabies. 9.30am u12 Wallabies versus Bears. 9am-9.25am Canteen u12 Bears. 10am u12 Bears versus Kangaroos. 11am u13s 11am Canteen u14s. 12pm u14s. 12pm Canteen u13s. 1pm u15s. 1pm Canteen u16s. 2pm u16s 2pm Canteen u15s.

Soccer draw

Canteen: 8.30am-9am 14s Fitzroy St Physio. 9am-10am 12s Cowra Services Club. 11am-11.30am 14s Wanderers. 10am-11am Opens FC.

Saturday, June 17

8:40am 10s (F4) Mr Embroidery versus Cowra Carpet Court. 10s (F5) Canowindra Services Club versus Mariners. 12s (F5) Victory versus Bye. 14s (F2) Fitzroy St Physio versus Heartland Rural.

9:50am 7s (F6) FC versus Mariners. 7s (F7) Victory versus Roar. 10s (F4) Wanderers versus Roar. 12s (F5) Cowra Services Club versus Jamiesons. 14s (F2) Cowra Toyota versus FC. Opens (F3) FC versus Canowindra Services Club.

11:10am 8s (F6) FC versus Mariners. 8s (F7) Victory versus Roar. 10s (F4) Ray White versus Cowra Couriers. 12s (F5) Lawrences IGA versus Taylor made Coffee  Co. 14s (F2) Wanderers versus Canowindra Services Club. Opens (F3) Telescope Tyres versus Mariners.  

Cowra Junior Soccer would like to welcome and thank our new sponsors:

Heartland Rural, Taylor Made Coffee, Cowra Services Club, Cowra Toyota, Mr Embroidery, Jamiesons Joinery, Ray White, Cowra, Telescope Tyres, Fitzroy St Physio, Cowra Carpet Court, Canowindra Services club, Lawrences IGA Canowindra,

COERVER Coaching Clinic Cowra: Time is running out to book, so please register ASAP. It's almost time for this fantastic skills based clinic to be held once again in Cowra in July.

This clinic is an amazing opportunity to learn some great new skills by the Coerver Coaching ACT team. 

We have a long relationship with Coerver Coaching ACT and it's always a great pleasure to have them come up to teach all our players from beginners to more advanced a great range of skills. 

This year the club has subsidised all our registered players to make it a great price for families the price for any player registered to Cowra Junior Soccer will be $90. All other non registered players is $135. 

The clinic focuses on teaching the all important skills for any soccer player between the ages of 4-16. 

Ellie Carpenter was a Coerver kid and Coerver has given some of our own club players amazing opportunities to join their academy and even to tour the world playing soccer and giving them amazing experiences.

So whatever your skill level you will definitely enjoy learning at this clinic. 

Any child in the age bracket is welcome to attend you do not need to be registered to Cowra Junior Soccer to participate so feel free to share it around as we'd like to get as many players as possible to attend. 

All Info is in the picture attached in the comments. PLEASE NOTE 1st DAY IS 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Second day is 9am-12pm.

Below is the link for registered players

Below is the link for non registered players 

Cowra Netball

Draw Saturday, June 17 

  • 1:30pm Imperial Hotel - Black versus CPW Spot On, Top 1. 
  • 1:30pm Eye Spy versus Central Milling, Top 4.  
  • 2:45pm Royces' Jets   versus   Cowra Carpet Cleaning, Bottom 1.  
  • 2:45pm First National versus Balance, Bottom 2.