Schools $2.3 million worse off

The Gonski Mobile Billboard will be in Cowra on May 25.
The Gonski Mobile Billboard will be in Cowra on May 25.

Cowra district public schools will be more than $2.3 million worse off under the Liberal-National Government's Gonski plan according to NSW Department of Education analysis.

A total of $2,314,167 will be cut from local public schools under the federal government's Gonski 2.0 plan the department says.

The Department analysis shows the difference between what Labor's Gonski plan would have provided and what the Turnbull plan will cut from schools in 2018 and 2019.

The NSW Teachers Federation’s Gonski Mobile billboard will be at Cowra High School on May 25 from 1.30pm to protest the proposed changes.

The following day the protest will be taken to Orange and Bathurst.

The Deputy President of NSW Teachers Federation Gary Zadkovich will be in attendance.

The figures show cuts of $834,643 to Cowra High School’s funding, $635,915 from Cowra Public School and Mulyan Public School of $564,548.

Holman Place School will face a cut of $58,967.

Small schools in the district will also be hit hard with Holmwood facing a cut of $56,222, Koorawatha $58,286, Woodstock $60,230, Wyangala Dam $11,478, Greenethorpe $24,102 and Gooloogong $9,776.

NSW Department of Education secretary Mark Scott has warned principals not to trust the Turnbull government's promises of increases to school funding.

"Schools should not rely on these figures for future planning or budgeting purposes,” he said.

NSW Teachers Federation Branch country organiser Kelly Anderson said the only hope for schools to not lose funding would be for the Senate to vote against the Federal Governments's plan.

"The Turnbull Government is moving to change the legislation to replace needs based funding agreements with a plan that will massively reduce funding for Cowra public schools.

“If the legislation is passed in the House of Representatives, it can be defeated in the Senate if a majority of crossbench senators vote against it,” she said. 

“Schools funding should never be something which politicians can use as a political football. 

“The community must have access to well-resourced schools, they are crucial for a community and should always be fully funded, regardless of who is in Government. If the Government bought one less submarine, Gonski 1.0 could be fully funded.”