Watch these dinosaurs take over towns in country NSW

A couple of prehistoric adventurers been sighted walking down streets and supermarkets, enforcing the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

In the NSW country town of Cowra, the pair, known to locals only as 'Tee Rex' and 'Baby Rex', were spied going to war with each other on the main street.

The anonymity of the dinosaurs, and the unpredictability has given rise to a town-wide 'spot the dino' challenge across social media.


Earlier this week, the red dino was spotted getting a COVID-19 vaccination at the town's Optimal Pharmacy.

Although their identity is known to some in the community, since the first sighting last month, that information has become a closely guarded secret.

"I started stomping around in mid-August, initially it was just to have a laugh from my friends' kids," Tee Rex said.

"We have two primary school kids who are homeschooling and I can see the effects lockdown is having on them."

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