Endurance riders are saddling up for the Roseberg Forest

The Lachlan Endurance Riders are headed to Roseberg Forest. File photo.

The Lachlan Endurance Riders are headed to Roseberg Forest. File photo.

Like all other sports and activities, endurance riding has been on hold since March this year.

With Covid 19 restrictions now easing, riders and horses are chomping at the bit to finally be able to hit the trails again.

The Lachlan Endurance Riders Club is pleased to be hosting their newest ride, Roseberg, on August 1 & 2. The trails of Roseberg Forest and Pennsylvania Forest will be used for the course. Horses will be on these tracks from midday through to 5pm on Saturday August 1 and again from 5am until 5pm on Sunday August 2. With sandy four wheel drive tracks, shaded forestry trails and some hilly technical sections for the 80km riders, there is something to suit every level of fitness and experience.

A very busy weekend is planned, with a 20km Introductory ride and a 40km Intermediate ride scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Sunday will see the main ride of 80km held, along with another 20km Introductory ride and 40km Intermediate ride.

Due to our Covid 19 Plan of Management, all entries are required to be completed on-line to allow real-time monitoring of numbers entered to ensure we do not pass our maximum number allowed on-grounds. This includes all 20km Introductory riders and 40km Intermediate riders, who will also need arrive at ride base on Saturday to complete their entries and pre-ride vet checks and camp overnight, even if only riding on Sunday. There will be no entries or pre-ride vetting on Sunday. Only persons listed on the entrants Covid Declaration (rider/strapper) will be allowed into the ride base, conditional to passing a temperature check.

Full information on this ride can be found on website www.nswera.asn.au/calendar/current-year-calendar; facebook www.facebook.com/events/520838242164382; pre-nomination link www.manehub.com/lachlanendurance