Free Tai Chi class to commence once again

Residents can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi free of charge when classes with Jung Chun “John” Lai begin again in two weeks’ time. 

John, who also operates Cowra Original Farm, is trained in the ancient martial arts practice and is keen to share his knowledge with locals again after a short break. 

“I’ve been doing Tai Chi practice since I moved to Cowra in 2000, a few years later I practice it in Taiwan under a Master,” he said. 

“And I think it was quite interesting and I would like to share my learning so I start in 2003/2004 down at River Park.”

He said the popularity of his classes has grown and hopes to see residents in Cowra make a healthy change to their lifestyle by taking part in Tai Chi. 

“In the beginning it was just me so I put a little sign and people see it and some people in the park practice Tai Chi,” he said. 

“I just do it because it is interesting, there is no charge.”

John said that Tai Chi is all about learning levels that engage the body, heart and spirit at all ages. 

“More people think Tai Chi is for elder people, it’s very good for elder people but the Tai Chi Chen is very good for young people,” he said. 

“Tai Chi Chen is more complicated, more challenging and more interesting.” 

John’s next class will be Monday, August 7 at 10am at River Park. He will also be conducting classes at the Life Extension Village later in the year. More details: