Tai Chi classes to re-start in Cowra

What the Life Extension Village may look like.
What the Life Extension Village may look like.

The first house in what is planned to be a "Life Extension Village" between Brisbane St and Saje Court will be finished in the next couple of months. 

The LEV plans to attract visitors who want to get away from the "Rat Race" for a few days and have a retreat where they can relax and recharge their batteries - including visiting some of Cowra's scenic and cultural heritages. 

One of the range of activities to be offered is Tai Chi.

In recent decades Tai Chi classes that purely emphasise health have become popular in hospitals, clinics, as well as community and senior centres.

This has occurred as the "Baby Boomer" generation has aged and the art's reputation as a low-stress training method for seniors has become better known. 

Of course Tai Chi has since become a popular activity for all age groups.

Founder of Cowra’s first LEV, Philip Rhoades, said he was looking for something to help keep him active.

"I practised Judo as a child to help with my asthma condition and then Kung Fu martial arts when I was at university, but these days, now that I am retired, I just need something to help reduce stress,” he said.

“We have local Yoga and Meditation classes that visitors can go to but no Tai Chi classes.

“I have had a few discussions with John Lai who has run classes outside the township in the past and he is enthusiastic about re-starting them in town.

“The first house in the LEV is nearly finished and this will allow classes to be held indoors if the weather is not good but generally we will have the classes outside in the fresh air.

“Depending on the amount of interest, we will have classes at the LEV itself or in local parks and gardens and perhaps at the Community Centre.

"I want to create a community of people attracted to the village who are interested in health and longevity and supporting the running of Tai Chi classes is an excellent way for people to get together, improve their health and meet people who are interested in doing the same thing."

People who are interested should contact Philip at phr@lev.com.au or on 6342 2918