From Caloundra to China destination Cowra

Jason Hyeronimus taking a break at Cowra Tile and Carpet Court.
Jason Hyeronimus taking a break at Cowra Tile and Carpet Court.

This week in our continuing series on people in business we catch up with Cowra Tile and Carpet Court's Jason Hyeronimus.

Where you born in Cowra?

No, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. I was probably about six or seven when we came to Cowra. Before that, when dad was a jockey we lived in Hong Kong for two or three years.

You're from a family a famous horse racing family. Your grandfather Reg Paine was a champion jockey and your father Craig was a champion jockey in Queensland and rode successfully in Hong Kong. Where you ever tempted to be a jockey?

It never really crossed my mind. I've probably sat on a horse once in my life.

Mum and dad didn't try to steer you down that path?

No they always encouraged us to do whatever we wanted to do. I've owned a few horses, had shares in them, but riding them was never something I wanted to do.

So, what was the path that lead you to Cowra Tile and Carpet Court?

I worked at Mitre 10 when it was Kibblers on weekends and in school holidays. I then worked at Cowra Motorcycles for a few years. I then went back to Mitre 10 and was there when it changed to Bunnings. I was overseas for a couple of weeks break and Steve (Lynch) rang and asked me if I wanted a job. I've been here ever since.

How long have you been at Cowra Tile and Carpet Court now?

It was 10 years, about a month ago. Steve and Val gave me a voucher to spend at the Cowra Golf Pro Shop to mark the anniversary. That was pretty good.

Do you play a lot of golf?

As much as I can. Now that daylight savings is over it's a bit hard to get over after work but when daylight savings is on I like to go over after work.

What handicap do you play off?

Six. I was on 10 for a while but I've been playing a lot the last 18 months and I'm now down to six.

If you could play golf with three people who would it be?

Probably Tiger Woods, he'd be a good start. Cameron Smith and (basketballer) Michael Jordan. He bets big money, I wouldn't be betting with him.

What's something Cowra people wouldn't know about you?

I won a trip to Las Vegas when I was 21. Actually, I didn't win it my grandfather Reg won it and gave it to me. He said I'd have a better time than him. I went to a world title boxing fight, met Kostya Tszyu and his son Tim who's now fighting. He was only about 10 or 12 at the time. It was a good few days, there wasn't much sleep.