Drunk driver went to get a pie

Drunk driver went to get a pie

A 28-year-old Cowra man has been fined $1100 and disqualified from driving for six months followed by a 24-month interlock period at Cowra Local Court.

John Arthur Cornwell, of Macassar Street, was before the court charged with a high range PCA and pled guilty.

According to police facts around 1.10am on September 19, police observed a vehicle travelling at high speeds along Brisbane Street.

Police activated their lights for the vehicle to stop, which it did, and spoke to the driver Cornwell.

He provided police with his licence and stated, "I drank a lot. I'll be over."

He was then subjected to a breath test which returned a positive reading.

Taken to the Cowra Police Station for a secondary breath analysis, he returned a reading of 0.170.

In relation to his drinking Cornwell told police he had drunk six mid-strength beers over six hours and eaten a burger and chips.

When dealing with police Cornwell's eyes were bloodshot, he was unsteady and swaying on his feet.

Cornwell's solicitor, June Langfield, told the court her client had made a "stupid" decision to drive.

"On the day of the offence he was having a few drinks with friends and had an argument with his now ex-partner and made the foolish decision to drive to a service station, all for a meat pie," she said.

"That was stupid decision on his part.

"He has completed the traffic offenders program and character references attest to his prior good character.

"There is nothing on his criminal history whatsoever and it is unlikely he will re-offend."

In sentencing, Magistrate Jillian Kiely, said Cornwell had been a danger to himself and the community.

"He was speeding at the time and although his reading is not significantly higher than the lower end of the high range it is still significant," she said.

"With a reading that high he certainly put members of the public in danger as well as himself and there needs to be an emphasis on general deterrence."