The business faces of Cowra: Cathy Steward

Cathy Steward at Royces Cakes in Kendal Street. Cathy also works at Waugoola Motors.
Cathy Steward at Royces Cakes in Kendal Street. Cathy also works at Waugoola Motors.

If you've had your vehicle serviced at Waugoola Motors or been in need of a delicious cake, a fresh sandwich or pie for lunch or morning tea from Royces Cakes in Kendal Street, you've probably been greeted by the smiling face of Cathy Steward.

A recent addition to the staff at Royces we caught up with Cathy recently to find out a little bit more about what she does and to reveal a few things her customers might not know about her.

1. In your own words please describe the business/industry you are in?

I work at Waugoola Motors for two and a half days a week, which is only 16 hours and 12 here, at Royces. And I've been here (Royces) since August, about 12 hours a week. I didn't think going back in to hospitality I'd enjoy it so much, but I do. I can't sit around and do nothing.

Cathy previously worked at the Cowra Guardian and before that worked for Kylie and Will Rue at the Rose Garden Coffee Shop.

2. So what do you do at Waugoola Motors?

I do office admin, the debtors and creditors, invoices and all that sort of staff. I really like it, I've been there six and a half years.

3. What do you do at Royce's Cakes?

Just sell pies and cakes, make fresh sandwiches.

4. What makes you get up in the morning?

I'm happy to just wake up and get going. I know I've got to go to work so I just get up and get going, I can't sit about. I wake up and do the housework sometimes before going to work. The older I get the earlier I wake up. I'm not going to waste a day in bed. And I go for a walk in the afternoon, I do a lot of walking.

I'm not going to waste a day in bed

Cathy Steward

5. You've lost weight, not that you needed to, how has that come about?

From the walking, I love my walks, I do a lot, and I also watch what I eat, I don't eat rubbish, I don't eat takeaway.

6. What advice do you have for other locals?

Don't sit around, if you're looking for a job don't wait around for a particular job, try a lot of things. Stay local.

7. Do you have a favourite customer, someone who's a regular and you enjoy seeing?

Let me think, there are a couple at Waugoola Motors but without naming anyone, the best are always pleasant when they walk in, they say hello, ask how your day is going and have a conversation. They're not just coming in to pay a bill or get the car serviced, they converse with you.

8. If we could give you a blank cheque what would you use it for to make doing business in Cowra easier?

We definitely don't need any more hospitality, coffee shops. We need more retail clothing shops.

9. Tell us a couple things about yourself that most people wouldn't know about?

People don't know how old I am, but I'm not going to say that. A lot don't know I have twins (sons Dean and Matthew). And they wouldn't know that I walk about 12kms each day.

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