Informer: In times like these we hope for the best

Missing four-year-old Cleo Smith vanished from a campsite in WA last week. Picture: Supplied

Missing four-year-old Cleo Smith vanished from a campsite in WA last week. Picture: Supplied

Now that most Australians are starting to experience some form of freedom, it's beginning to look like Christmas this year could be a relatively normal one. Hopefully.

Those living in regional and metro Victoria will soon be able to reunite on Friday night as the state nears its 80 per cent vaccine milestone.

Premier Dan Andrews said the reopening was due to Victorians doing a "mighty job" getting the jab.

Mandatory masks outdoors will also be scrapped and some venue capacity caps will remain in place.

This is despite the state recording more than 1000 COVID-19 cases again today.

The Victorian Government has also announced that those participating in community sport will not be required to be fully vaccinated as summer sports prepare to kick off.

WA Premier Mark McGowan said a security breach at his home by "conspiracy theorists" over the weekend would not stop the state's vaccine rollout.

"We're not going to be deterred, we're not going to be stopped, we're not going to give in," he said.

"I just urge people just to go and get vaccinated, do the right thing by themselves and their community, and their family."

Up in the NT, a home quarantine pilot program will begin soon as the state prepares for its border to open eventually.

Speaking of border openings, Tasmania has confirmed it will welcome fully vaccinated travellers in December - if 90 per cent of the state's residents are fully vaccinated themselves.

But it's not just COVID news making headlines today.

There are some days that see Aussies collectively holding their breath - bracing for the worst while hoping for the best.

Today is another one of those days.

The search for little Cleo Smith over in WA has entered its tenth day with still no sign of the missing four-year-old.

On the weekend, a vigil was held for the youngster who disappeared from a campsite on the state's northwest coast last week.

Police have also revealed they hope to speak with a driver whose car was seen on a nearby road between 3am and 3.30am the morning Cleo disappeared.

WA Police Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde stressed that the driver was not a suspect.

"We want to know who they were and what they were doing," he said.

Australia has had its fair share of high profile missing children cases, including Daniel Morcombe, William Tyrrell and Anthony "AJ" Elfalak, just to name a few.

Every time one of these cases hits the headlines, it seems like the vast majority of us wait on tenterhooks for any updates.

We hope that the next update will reveal that the child has been found safe and sound.

I cannot even imagine the unbearable, excruciating wait Cleo's parents, friends and family are going through right now.

Fingers crossed, they get the answers they are waiting, and hoping, to hear.

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