Yesterday today, October 1921

Yesterday today, October 1921

A look back at what was making news in the pages of the Cowra Free Press on Wednesday, October 12 and Saturday, October 15, 1921.

Picnic and Sports Holmwood.

Quite a large crowd gathered at Holmwood on 2Sth Sept., the occasion being a picnic and sports in aid of the local cricket club. The weather was ideal and everything passed off pleasantly.

The children were well catered for, and special thanks are due to Mrs. T. H. Newham and Miss S. Campbell for an unusually fine selection of prizes, £15 being spent on these alone. The committee are to be congratulated the excellent way in which they carried out their various duties. The refreshments were in the hands of the ladies and all present did fall justice to the many good things provided. As a result of the day's sports about £12 will go to the club giving them a credit of' £26 with which-to commence the cricket season - Contributed.

Unreserved Sale of high class horses.

Messrs 0. K. Rose & Co. announce in this issue that on Saturday, 29th inst., they will offer by auction at the Show Yards, Cowra, 100-head of the Fix this textbest horses that have been yarded here for some time. They are mostly Kenya Station bred and comprise unbroken draught colts, fillies, mares and geldings. In offering these horses, the auctioneers announce that the full number will be positively yarded and that the entire yarding will be extra good sorts in good condition. Sale start at 2 p.m. sharp.

Woodstock's Water Supply

Dismissed by Waugoola Shire Council.

A letter from Mr. W. R. Blazley, secretary to the Woodstock Water Trust, was before the Waugoola Shire Counoil on Saturday, asking for an advance of £10, in order that the Trust could meet a few accounts it had contracted.

The Clerk stated that the old Council had given the Trust £20, and recommended to the present Council that it contribute £50 to the funds of the Trust.

The Engineer explained that all the works for the Woodstock Water Supply had been paid for by public subscription, outside of the Council. The works included a pump, tanks, two wells, windmill and engine. The Council had only paid £30 towards them.

The President.doubted if the Council had power to vote the amount from its general fund. The Urban Area fund should pay it.

The Clerk: We only have £7 in the Urban Area fund after paying today's accounts.

The Clerk read the resolution of the old Council recommending its successors to vote the Trust £50.

Cr. Bourke : That is the down-and out Council.

The Clerk: But this Counoil has already paid the Trust £10.

Cr. Bourke: If that is the cage we should pay this.

Cr. Crossley: Woodstock has got plenty of wealthy men.

The President suggested getting the statement from the Trust is to how the money was spent before voting any more.

The Council agreed to this, and deferred consideration of the Trust's request until the statement is received.

Rabbits on Roads.

Forbes P.P. Board gave Waugoola Shire Council a final warning regarding the rabbits on the Cowra-GoolaFix this textgong road on Saturday. It was decided to inform the Board that the particular spot alluded to had been attended to no less than nine times but it was no use doing anything while the Board allowed its reserves to become breeding grounds.

Well Earned Holidays.

It can scarcely be said that the "Waugoola Shire officers do not earn their holidays. When applying for a month's leave on Saturday the Engineer (Mr. J, H. Wilkinson) stated he had not had a holiday since 1894; and when the Shire Clerk (Mr. S. J. Stene) made a similar application he informed the Councillors that of the numerous public holidays during the year for which Cowra is famous he Fix this texthad only taken one half-day, viz., the second day of the Show. £5 was voted for expenses in each case and the clerk was given leave to attend the annual conference. It was stated there would be no extra charge for clerical assistance, as Mr. A. H. McLeod would carry out the work in connection with his other duties.

Memorial Bookcase and Honor Roll

At Wednesday evening's meeting of the Parents and Citizen's Assn. finality was at length reached in connection with the above matter, when plans submitted by Mr. J. H. Lewis were adopted.

Rev. H. H. Mirrington suggested a variation in the design by having the names printed on brass plates, which could be screwed in.

Several speakers considered this would be too costly.

This brought the retort from Mr. D. J. Toovey that they should not consider the financial aspect at all as there was plenty of money in Cowra.

" Why, go across to the racecourse any day and you can see thousands there," said the speaker.


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