'Get the right story' on the COVID-19 jab: Constantina Bush

Katherine's own Constantina Bush has made a cheeky new video encouraging all Territorians to get the COVID-19 jab.

Ms Bush, aka Kamahi Djordon King, teamed up with the Northern Land Council (NLC) and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the NT (AMSANT) to make the short film.

Speaking from Katherine's town centre, Ms Bush said it was important for people to "get the right story" about the COVID-19 vaccination.

"People should be really careful with information they see on Facebook, TikTok or other social media," she said.

"To get the right story, go to your clinic or talk to your health worker, your doctor or your nurse.

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"Everyone should get vaccinated to protect our families, our communities and our performing arts."

Kamahi Djordon King and his alter ago Constantina Bush in their new video.

Kamahi Djordon King and his alter ago Constantina Bush in their new video.

She said if COVID-19 was to get in the community "it might make some people sick and it might make some people finish."

The video is one of a series of Get the Jab! films which feature prominent Indigenous Territorians.

"We know our mob listen to their countrymen and women better than to any politician in a suit. That's why we are working with strong Aboriginal leaders from right across the Top End like Lisa Mumbin from the Jawoyn Association, Helen Lee from the Arnhem Crows Football Club and Neville Namarnyilk from Guluyambi Cultural Cruises in Kakadu on these films," NLC Chairman Samuel Bush-Blanasi said.

"We also know that our mob like a good laugh and reckon that Constantina has hit the spot in this latest video."

All of the films are available on the NLC's Youtube Channel.

This story Constantina Bush wants you to get the COVID-19 jab first appeared on Katherine Times.