NSW Education Week bring fun to public school students' fingertips

ONLINE: NSW Education Week will be celebrated digitally in 2021. Photos: NSW Department of Education.
ONLINE: NSW Education Week will be celebrated digitally in 2021. Photos: NSW Department of Education.

There will be a digital approach to marking the excellence of NSW's education system this year, with celebrations moving online for students and the community.

While COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in changes for the previously planned NSW Education Week calendar this year, the NSW Department of Education is instead taking the event into the virtual space.

Visit the NSW Department of Education website at education.nsw.gov.au for more information on how to be part of these events closer to the dates.

Live Stream

An official Education Week launch will be live-streamed from 10am on Monday, July 26, featuring inspiring stories from students.

It will also be a chance to hear from leaders from within the Department, who will share the ways in which the system is developing lifelong learners.

A recorded video will be available on-demand following the live-streamed broadcast.

Short film showcase

The talents of students emerge in so many different ways throughout their school careers.

On Tuesday, July 27, a short film showcase will be available to see some of the amazing insights students have transformed into short films.

Students have created a series of films based on the topic of school attendance, why it is important and how every day at school counts.

The short films were submitted as part of a competition coordinated by Film By. Primary and secondary school students created featured films.


Want to explore vocational options?

A webinar from 7pm to 8pm on Tuesday, July 27 will give information on all the different ways students can dip their toes into the working world while still studying.

It will explore three key vocational education and training programs available to high school students in NSW: Vocational Education and Training (VET) at School; Virtual VET courses; and School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Specially designed for parents and carers, the webinar is presented by the Federation of Parents and Citizens Association of NSW in partnership with the NSW Department of Education's Vocational Education team.

You can register at the P&C website, pandc.org.au.

Stories of Country

Learning through Country is a lifelong process.

Connected to this year's NAIDOC theme of 'Heal Country', this event will allow students to join with the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (AECG) in learning through Country with stories shared about places of cultural significance on Wednesday, July 28 at 10am.

Arts and Wellbeing

Creative activity has been shown to play an essential role in mental and physical wellbeing.

Learn more about this side of student welfare at a 'learning through lived experience' webinar at 3pm on Thursday, July 29.

The event includes a panel discussion led by Professor Michael Anderson from the University of Sydney's CREATE Centre.

The panel will present insights and personal stories about the impact of arts programs in schools and discuss how to maximise opportunities for students.

There will be an opportunity to engage in a chat or live discussion with some of the participants during the webinar.

Art Exhibition

A virtual art exhibition titled 'From the ashes' will be held on Friday, July 30.

It will showcase a series of artworks created by students in response to the 2019/2020 NSW bushfires.

From the ashes demonstrates the role of art in the process of reflection on the impacts of the bushfires.

  • Information from NSW Department of Education