Fitting farewell for Mick Beath after nearly 50 years at Gooloogong Country Club

Saturday night marked a fitting farewell for Gooloogong's Mick Beath, who was honoured for nearly 50 years of service at the Country Club.

In front of a packed room at the Cowra Bowling Club, many of Mick's closest friends and family paid tribute to his dedication to the club and to the community of Gooloogong itself.

Mick, alongside President Ted Thompson took over the running of the club at a time when a lot of hard work, personal sacrifice and tough decisions needed to be made for the club's survival.

Mick has continued in this position all these years, supported by his wife Sandera and other members of his family, including his children Gerard and Myree.

Many of the speakers on the night spoke of how Mick would put in hours above and beyond those that were required or he was being paid for, always with the best interests of the club in mind.

As a gift, those in attendance put in for a recliner chair to help Mick enjoy his retirement.