Close tussle at croquet club

Close tussle at croquet club

Saturday, May 1

Today, Gwen Bush and Jan Trengove teamed up to play Katrine Capps.

From the start Jan and Gwen had their game under control, but as it progressed, Katrine was surely and slowly working her way round the court scoring hoop after hoop to the last few hoops when one mishap on Katrine's part gave the final few hoops to Gwen and Jan and they pegged out with 26 to Katrine's 22.

The second game also turned out to be quite a tussle for the combatants.

Heather Edwards took on the singles game against Ana Kusetic and Netta Noack.

The pair quickly scored a few hoops, but Heather, with some good roquets and good tactical moves had no trouble keeping up.

The game continued closely for a while till the peg was in sight when a few poor shots on both sides made it a frustrating end.

Finally Ana and Netta had the upper hand and pegged out 26 to Heather's 24.

Monday, May 3

Only three players today.

Heather and Pam Boler challenged Ana Kusetic.

It turned out a very quick game and Ana was delighted to peg out 26-18.

Wednesday, May 5

Today Chris Palazzi and Heather Edwards paired up against Ana Kusetic and Netta Noack.

The game contained a lot of give and take as players were always keeping a ball ahead at the next hoop to make multi hoop scoring easier.

Heather and Chris seemed to have the edge with better strategies and when time was called, they had 14 hoops to Netta and Ana's 8.

Colleen Houghton and Alison Muggridge were a pair against Pam Boler, the singles player.

Neither Colleen nor Alison had played much over the past year and were therefore a little rusty, but still had the advantage over Pam.

The game was played with good spirit and fun with the pair finishing with 15 hoops and Pam not far behind with 11.