Wombats on top of President's Cup standings

Greg Nicholls (left) will take on Alan Messiter in the next round of A Grade singles. File photo.
Greg Nicholls (left) will take on Alan Messiter in the next round of A Grade singles. File photo.

The opening round of the 2021 A Grade and C Grade singles was played over the weekend, with the next round to be played Saturday and Sunday.


A Grade

Dorcas Presnell def Michael Nobes 31-29

Bruce Oliver/Shane Lauritzen to be played Wednesday.

C Grade

John Pickard def Alan Messiter on a forfeit

Phil Boyd def Nick Tedeschi 31-11

John Probert def Mike Elfert 31-29

Tom Peadon def Maurie Collins 31-4

This week's matches:

A Grade

Play on Saturday at 1pm

Dorcas Presnell versus the winner of Oliver/Lauritzen. Marker TBC

Noel Hubber versus Michael Baldwin. Marker TBC

Col Oliver versus Bob Morgan. Marker TBC

Ken Porter versus Clyde Draper. Marker TBC

Greg Nicholls versus Alan Messiter. Marker TBC

Robert Oliver versus Simon Bray. Marker TBC

Joe Burgin versus Alan Anderson. Marker TBC

Shane Egan versus Paul Druery. Marker TBC

C Grade

Play on Sunday at 1pm

John Pickard versus Phil Boyd. Marker TBC

John Probert versus Tom Peadon. Marker TBC

Bill Hayes versus Kevin Webb. Marker TBC

Terry Draper versus Russell Simpson. Marker TBC

President's Cup

The second round of the Weeroona Aged Care President's Cup was played on Friday night with the Wombats, Eagles and Galahs victorious.


Wombats def Dingoes 2-0 +8 (7-3, 8-4)

Galahs def Devils 2-0 +3 (5-3, 9-8)

Eagles def Crocs 2-0 +7 (6-5, 7-1)

Points Table

Wombats 6 (+21)

Devils 3 (+7)

Eagles 3 (+1)

Dingoes 3 (-2)

Galahs 3 (-10)

Crocs 0 (-14)

This week's matches:

Eagles v Galahs

Devils v Wombats

Dingoes v Crocs

Nominations are also open for the June Long Weekend Mixed Versatility Fours ($200 per team) and two preliminary rounds of the BPL Cup ($60/team) to be played on Sunday, May 30 and Sunday, June 20.