Brand new 'dos for Cowra Special Needs

The clients at Cowra Special Needs Service are looking even slicker thanks to some free haircuts courtesy of Marc Grant at Brother Fox.

Mr Grant kindly donated his time last Wednesday morning to cut, brush and trim.

He said it was a pleasure to give his time back to the local community that had supported him.

"I normally have a partner with me and we started a non-for-profit thing where we go to rehabs, neighbourhood centres or places like Special Needs to give back to the community," he said.

"I've always had a thing about helping out and when I first moved to town, my family and I got a lot of help.

"Cowra is really good at doing that so I wanted to give back."

Cowra Special Needs Coordinator, Sarah Hall, said the service was very grateful to Marc for giving his time and skills.

"It's the nicest thing when people donate their valuable time and we really appreciate when they do," she said.

"Time like this is crucial, otherwise we'd have to pay and the clients can be on tight budgets.

"They often have so many other priorities, that they don't get these opportunities, so this is good for their self-esteem."

She said the service would be grateful to any other businesses or individuals who could donate their time.

"Our support workers may be skilled in many areas but there's nothing like a professional coming up here and giving some time," she said.

"What we are looking for is people who have skills within the town who are willing to volunteer their time, it doesn't have to be a whole day, we'd love even an hour of their time.

"It gives our school leaver employment support clients a glimpse into occupations.

"This exposes us as an organisastion and the clients as individuals to say we would love the opportunity to come into their businesses and experience work," she said.

Mr Grant also encouraged other businesses or individual to give their time to services like Cowra Special Needs.

"I grew up here in town and it used to be quite hard," he said.

"Moving back here 12 years later made me realise there's still a lot more that business in town can and should be doing to make it easier for everyone."