Victim was told to "punch on" during phone call

Victim was told to

A 21-year-old Blayney man has been fined $2200 at Cowra Local Court.

Jackson Teal, of Lane Street, Blayney, failed to appear before the court charged with intimidation intending fear and contravening an AVO. The matter was dealt with in his absence.

According to police facts on May 11, 2020, Teal was served with a final AVO for two years ending on May 10, 2022.

Around 2pm on September 9, 2020, the victim received a phone call from a witness. During that phone call an argument broke out between the caller and the witness. Teal joined in against the victim and the victim began recording the phone call.

The victim then went to the police to give a statement of the incident and played them the recording.

In it Teal could be heard saying "you're just an asshole, are you talking back to me because we are both f***ed. When they disregard the AVO's we will punch on whenever the f*** you like. I'm gunna (sic) murder you, bring a body bag I'm gunna (sic) put you in it."

On October 2, 2020, police attended Teal's residence and cautioned him. Teal told police: "He called my partner and I said you need to stop. There was (sic) not threats and that was the end of the conversation".

When questioned about the threat of murder and the body bag Teal told police: "That's what he said to me to get the AVO in the first place."

In sentencing, Magistrate J.Kiely noted the offences were serious but were the first ones on Teal's record.

Driver stopped after leaving known drug house

A 29-year-old Cowra man has been fined $880 at Cowra Local Court.

Joshua John Dale, of Binni Creek Road, failed to appear before the court charged with possessing a prohibited drug and possession of equipment for administering prohibited drugs. The matter was dealt with in his absence.

According to police facts around 11.30pm on November 29 police patrolled through Jindalee Circuit and observed a ute parked at a highly suspected drug house.

A short time later police observed the vehicle leaving the house and stopped it on Redfern Street.

Police spoke to the driver, Dale, asking him to produce a license before subjecting him to a breath test which returned a negative reading.

Police checks revealed Dale may be involved with drug supply within the Cowra area.

That information, along with the time of night, led police to suspect he was in possession of drugs or drug-related equipment.

A search of Dale found nothing, but a search of the vehicle found a plastic bottle water pipe in the driver's side door in reach of Dale, a cigarette packet containing cannabis in the center console, a glass water pipe, magnetic hide box and glass 'ice' pipe in the passenger footwell.

Dale made full admissions to police to possessing the cannabis and stated he was going to use the plastic pipe, glass pipe and 'ice' pipe for future drug use.

Police seized all the items and weighed the cannabis at 2.5 grams at the Cowra Police Station.

In sentencing, Magistrate J. Kiely noted Dale had a history of drug convictions but not a terrible one.

She also noted it seemed Dale had drug and alcohol issues.

Man tells victim they're not tough and slaps them

A 22-year-old Cowra man has been fined $220 at Cowra Local Court.

Amos Lawson, of Brisbane Avenue, failed to appear before the court charged with common assault, the matter being dealt with in his absence.

According to police facts, on the morning of October 6, 2020, Lawson's brother was involved in a physical dispute with a victim.

Around 4.30pm on the same day Lawson returned to the victim's residence with his brother to collect some property.

During this time Lawson approached the victim saying: "You're not so tough," before slapping the victim's face.

Police were called and Lawson was arrested and taken to the Cowra Police Station.

While in custody Lawson made admissions to police about slapping the victim.

In sentencing, Magistrate J. Kiely noted that this was the first offence on Lawson's record.

Man tells court his drinking was a "bad judgment"

A 32-year-old Cowra man has been fined $220 at Cowra Local Court.

David Forbes, of Chapman Street, didn't appear before the court to answer a common assault charge but did send the court a message..

The matter was dealt with in his absence.

According to police facts, around 7.30pm on November 25, 2020, Forbes signed into a local licensed premises.

Around 8.30pm Forbes' victim was called to the premises front desk in regard to a witness signing in.

He was allowed to sign in with another member and went to join friends inside.

Around 8.50pm the member who had signed in the witness left and the witness was required to leave as well.

During this conversation Forbes shoulder charged the victim into a nearby table, causing pain to the victim's back, neck and chest.

The victim went to the premises' bar and contacted police. CCTV of the incident clearly showed Forbes shoulder charging the victim.

On November 26, 2020, police were given the sign-in details of Forbes and a copy of the CCTV.

Around 7pm on December 4, 2020, police attended Forbes' residence and spoke to him.

Forbes told police he had been drunk and staggered into the victim, however when police informed him of the CCTV footage he stated: "can I just go guilty and not have to go to court".

Forbes' message on file said he sincerely regretted his actions on the night saying: "I realise the seriousness of the crime and harm I caused".

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