Author shares her goal weight journey

After planning an overseas holiday for April 2015 Judy Coppe Kersten had what she describes as an "epiphany" - she had to lose weight if she was going to enjoy herself.

Judy, who grew up in Cowra, weighed 94kg when she booked the trip to Italy before Christmas in 2014.

"I became aware of my obesity and thought what have I done, I can't do this," Judy, who made a visit to friends in Cowra this week, said.

After admitting she was overweight Judy put a plan in place to lose weight so she could enjoy the overseas holiday.

She shares this plan to lose the weight, and her ongoing efforts to maintain her goal weight, in her book Obese No More Follow My Journey.

After visiting her doctor, where her medical history was discussed, she was weighed and her height and blood pressure were recorded, Judy was told 72kg was the weight she should aim for.

Judy says she doesn't profess to be a medical or dieting expert in her book.

"I just want to share my journey," she said.

The book, she says, outlines what she has done successfully since setting her weight goal.

The Holy Grail, she said is keeping her daily calorie count to 1200 calories.

Judy also adds exercise to her day but says "there is no typical day for me. Exercise is interwoven with activities that crop up".

And she does admit to treating herself when it is necessary. After she does she goes back to her plan of consuming just 1200 calories the next day.

"You still have to have your celebrations," Judy said.

"You can't not have Christmas and Easter and other celebrations with family.

She says having these celebrations might see her weight increase suddenly by one or two kilograms but returning to the 1200 calorie regime sees her quickly back to her goal weight.

"Feeling deprived is the enemy of successful weight loss and for staying at goal weight. Life should be enjoyed," Judy says.

Mixing and matching food and keeping a journal of what food she has and what she consumes also helps.

In her book Judy provides readers seven examples of what she might consume in a day with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, an appetizer and dinner all included.

A typical dinner could include 150g of Barramundi, 150g of white potato, 20g of lettuce, 10g of onion, 38g of corn kernels, 1 slice of pineapple thins and 1tsp of lemon juice.

Judy's plan has also helped her with Sleep Apnoea, a condition she didn't realise she had.

You can purchase Judy's book online at for $23.91.